Tom’s Journal

Proud to have the support of working people

The Committee to Elect Tom Merolli has seen 374 individual donations since the beginning of 2018. With the vast majority of them being under $100, it is proof that this campaign is a people-powered, grassroots effort. While we don't have access to vast sums of dark...

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Grassroots at Craftroots!

Help us raise enough money for a mailer to Tom’s district! Drink beer, watch the Pat's game and hear what Tom will be doing in the first 100 days in office! All donations will go to purchase everything we need to do a district wide mailer. No dark money for Tom so...

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All Politics is Local

Had a great time on All Politics Is Local on Milford TV. At one point John asked what I'd prioritize when I first get into office. That's easy: education, education, education. As I've often said, one particular statement from a Blackstone school committee member has...

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Who is Tom Merolli?

Tom Morelli

Tom Merolli is the 2018 Democratic candidate for Massachusetts Senate in the Worcester & Norfolk district. The district includes 14 towns along the south central border of the state.

He currently serves as Assistant Treasurer of Mendon and Chair of their Economic Development Committee. Tom holds a degree in political science from Westfield State University, a local college, and is proud to have been an Eagle Scout.

What is Tom aiming to accomplish? He sums it up like this: “I’m a young person who has been active in community affairs from an early age. I see the ways in which the interests of the people in my district have been overlooked and ignored for far too long.”