State Senate Candidate Merolli Vows to Reject Dark Money

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE State Senate Candidate Merolli Vows to Reject Dark Money WEBSTER, Mass. (March 6, 2018) -- Tom Merolli, Democratic candidate for State Senate in the Worcester and Norfolk district, announced Saturday night he would reject advertisements on behalf...

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Democrat Tom Merolli of Mendon launches state Senate run

MILFORD - Heading into a year when Democrats across the country hope to make big gains in state and national elections, Tom Merolli, a Mendon Democrat, has launched his bid against state Sen. Ryan Fattman, R-Webster. The race could ultimately pit two millennial...

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Who is Tom Merolli?

Tom Morelli

Tom Merolli is the 2018 Democratic candidate for Massachusetts Senate in the Worcester & Norfolk district. The district includes 14 towns along the south central border of the state.

He currently serves as Assistant Treasurer of Mendon and Chair of their Economic Development Committee. Tom holds a degree in political science from Westfield State University, a local college, and is proud to have been an Eagle Scout.

What is Tom aiming to accomplish? He sums it up like this: “I’m a young person who has been active in community affairs from an early age. I see the ways in which the interests of the people in my district have been overlooked and ignored for far too long.”