On the Issues

On the Issues

  • Tom believes our district needs funding for long-term recovery programs for opiate addicts.
    He believes Insurance Companies need to be mandated to recognize this as the disease that it is. This is a public health crisis. We lost 60,000 lives last year to this disease. We need better access to medications to help overcome this addiction. This terrible disease has impacted the lives of everyone in this district to some degree. When are we going to stop talking about it and do something about it?
  • Tom believes our district needs its fair share from the state when it comes to funding for our public schools.
    It is time for the state to start funding their own mandates. Year after year the state has short-changed the towns in our district and it leads to an unfair tax burden on our citizens at the local level. Increased charter schools are not the answer to this short-fall, and will only deplete public education money. Although Massachusetts can boast that we are number one in education, this district cannot.
  • Tom believes in enforcing stronger environmental regulations and funding pollution cleanup efforts.
    In too many communities across this district people are concerned with their drinking water. When residents called with their concerns our representatives did not answer. Laws are in place to protect our citizens. The worst part is, some of the most egregious offenses are completely legal! There are loopholes that need to be closed so that dumping unregulated soil on or near aquifers for business sake doesn’t supercede the public health concern.
  • Tom believes in safe hospitals and safe nursing homes.
    He wants safe patient to nurse ratios in these settings. It is time to support our medical community. Tom advocates for services that allow the elderly to age in place and maintain independence.
  • Tom believes in moving MA toward a single payer healthcare system.
    The largest expense in local budgets and in school districts is health insurance. One of the largest barriers to small businesses hiring employees is health insurance costs. Medical expenses account for 62% of the bankruptcies in the US. Taking health care out of the hands of for profit entities will go a long way to keeping these costs under control, and will reduce the cost of healthcare for everyone.
  • Tom believes in upholding civil right protections for all Americans regardless of race, religion, creed, gender identity, or sexual orientation.

Many people have asked where I stand on the 2nd Amendment.

  • I support responsible gun ownership.
  • I support MA’s LTC program and believe it allows for competency and stability to be demonstrated, something I wish the rest of the country would follow suit on.
  • I think major gun policy changes should be decided on by the state legislature.
  • I want to work on reciprocity agreements with states that have similar gun laws, like Connecticut.

Who is Tom Merolli?

Tom Morelli

Tom Merolli is the 2018 Democratic candidate for Massachusetts Senate in the Worcester & Norfolk district. The district includes 14 towns along the south central border of the state.

He currently serves as Assistant Treasurer of Mendon and Chair of their Economic Development Committee. Tom holds a degree in political science from Westfield State University, a local college, and is proud to have been an Eagle Scout.

What is Tom aiming to accomplish? He sums it up like this: “I’m a young person who has been active in community affairs from an early age. I see the ways in which the interests of the people in my district have been overlooked and ignored for far too long.”