Seeks Greater State Role in Cybersecurity Across the Board

MENDON – State Senate candidate Thomas Merolli (D-Mendon) has called on Secretary William Galvin to take all steps necessary to protect the sanctity of the upcoming state elections in Massachusetts.  “As a concerned voter, as well as someone whose name is on the ballot, I believe it’s important that everyone’s vote counts and that social media isn’t used to falsely influence any voter,” Merolli stated.

This week, federal intelligence officials announced that Russian involvement in the 2016 Presidential election is continuing with the 2018 mid-terms.  Even before the federal government held a White House press conference to say that these threats are, indeed, real, Merolli sent a letter to Secretary Galvin asking what Massachusetts elections officials are doing to guarantee a fair election without outside interference.

The issue of fair elections is not new to Merolli who has pledged not to accept outside funds for his campaign and called upon his Republican opponent, Sen. Ryan Fattman (R-Sutton) to take the same pledge.  Fattman has not responded to the challenge.  “Eliminating the corrupting influence of money in politics is a major factor in protecting the integrity of our democracy,” Merolli noted.

“I believe that the issue of cybersecurity actually goes well beyond election security,” said Mr. Merolli.  “We must ensure that our public utilities such as electric power, water and sewer facilities are not interrupted by those who want to cause harm to our businesses, government agencies and taxpayers.” Merolli said he thinks either an existing state agency or new agency needs to be tasked with protecting the public in collaboration with any federal efforts.  “This issue – protecting the people of Massachusetts from cyber-threats –  will be among my legislative priorities if I am elected as State Senator for this district,” he declared.