I am proud to receive the endorsement of OPEIU Local 453!  I am strongly committed to improving and expanding public transit options throughout the state!  A more connected Commonwealth is an economically vibrant Commonwealth! #mapoli

“Dear Mr. Merolli,

In my capacity as President of OPEIU Local 453 it is my pleasure to inform you that the Union is supporting your candidacy for State Senator in the Worcester & Norfolk district.
     Our members and the Executive Board of Local 453 take pride in endorsing your candidacy for State Senator.  Your life long support of Unions and you deep belief in liberal causes for the betterment of the community demonstrate your ability to govern.  We respect your standing up for what is right for your family, your community and your state.

OPEIU Local 453

OPEIU Local 453 endorsement

     You understand several critical issues facing your constituents, not the least of which is the opioid crisis.  You know that it will require more resources, and long-term recovery cannot be based on what insurance companies want, but rather a concerted effort from the medical industry and local communities to deal with this disease.  You also believe in a single payer healthcare system and know why it is the only solution to cutting health care costs.
     You know that our environment and the world we live in is the only one we have, and it is critical that we protect it for future generations.  You understand that one of the immediate solutions is to better fund and manage our transportation system to enable everyone to travel easily and without emitting more CO2.
     Lastly,  you believe in upholding civil rights protection for all Americans.  You understand that the backbone of our justice system and our democracy is freedom for citizens  regardless of race, religion, creed, gender identity or sexual orientation.
     We look forward to your successful campaign and working with you in the future.

Timothy W. Lasker