MILFORD, MA –  The ‘blue wave’ that many have predicted will sweep local and state elections across the nation in November was out in full force Sunday morning in the electric atmosphere at Milford’s Plains Park. A throng of close to a hundred volunteers from across the Worcester and Norfolk districts gathered in the park’s pavilion to show their support for Mendon native and Democratic candidate for State Senate Tom Merolli at a campaign-coordinated Day of Action. The volunteers would spend the rest of the day knocking on doors, listening to people’s concerns, and spreading Tom’s mmessage in a town that will prove pivotal to the outcome of the November election. Before setting out, clad in blue Merolli t-shirts, they were treated with speeches from a few very special guests at the park.
Gus Bickford, Chairman of the Massachusetts Democratic State Committee, opened up the festivities with a few remarks, informing the crowd that Tom’s cause was one of the main focuses of the Committee in the upcoming election cycle: “This is before July, and this is the crew that’s here for a general election candidate? This is just awesome. We really do have a lot to work for and a lot to care about. We’re starting so early that we’re going to be able to continue this momentum and move it forward.”
Day Of ActionBickford was followed by Dick Moore, longtime state senator in the very seat that Merolli is running for, and who provided his own glowing endorsement of Merolli and expressed his h

ope for his campaign: “This is great at this time- hopefully it grows even more. It’s an opportunity for this district to be back in play, to have someone who will speak for this district, who will listen to the district even more importantly- we have a current senator who doesn’t generally show up to meetings- so its important to have someone who will listen, who’s even listening now. I think we’ve got an outstanding candidate for Senate, someone who will do the job, listen to the people, and represent our area with distinction.”
Also in attendance were candidates for Governor’s council, and state rep, respectively, Paul DePalo and Kevin Tagliaferri. Tagliaferri marveled at how even in his short time as chairman, Merolli had “revitalized the Democratic town committee”, and DePalo called Merolli’s cause the “hardest-working and best organized campaign I have ever seen”.
Tom Merolli himself closed the event with a stirring speech before joining all of the volunteers in their canvassing efforts: “Looking around this crowd, I see people from every corner of this district. From Milford, from Southbridge, all walks of life. This is not a campaign, this is a movement. This is a movement to reassert our needs here in this district. We’ve had our needs ignored for too long. When you have people getting brown water they can’t even trust, when you have health care costs spiraling, when you have school systems being consistently underfunded- it’s clear that its time for a change. Unfortunately; this is the case everywhere I’ve gone in this district. Something needs to change on the state level, and unfortunately our current senator has not been representing the needs of this district. This is why we’re here today. To present our vision of tomorrow, to tell the voters of Milford that there is a better way.”

Committee to Elect Tom Merolli
Tim Ruscitti Intern/press/video/aide