Frames stark differences in his priorities and his Republican opponent’s

MILFORD – [FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE] Today, Tom Merolli, Democratic Candidate for State Senate for the Worcester and Norfolk District, laid out stark differences between he and his Republican opponent’s priorities and on their plans to address the key issues impacting the families and communities of the district, which stretches from Milford to Southbridge.

“I’m spending all my time in the district talking to the hard-working residents about their priorities for moving our communities forward and the critical issues that they face every day, from funding our public schools to the rising costs of healthcare,” said Merolli. “Unfortunately, I seem to be the only candidate focused on finding solutions to these problems and investing in the future for our district. That’s why I’m running.”

Fighting for Our Public Schools and Students

Merolli has called for a comprehensive overhaul to the way public schools are funded to lessen the burden local taxpayers are facing and to ensure all students of the district have access to the world-class public education they deserve.

Merolli also supports the fair share amendment which will help with funding the crisis for local aid in education.

Safeguarding Our Environment

Uxbridge has had truckloads of contaminated soil dumped over an aquifer. There are towns with undrinkable water. Merolli has pledged that he will immediately file legislation to ban the dumping of certain contaminated toxins. He will also fight to strengthen safeguards for increased environmental protection as part of any permitting process in the state so our kids can grow up in a safe and clean environment.

Combatting the Opioid Epidemic

Massachusetts has seen increases in opioid overdose rates steadily climb since 2015 and communities are losing those struggling with addiction at an alarming rate. We’re currently facing a public health crisis that has already taken a generation away from families and communities throughout the nation. Merolli believes insurance companies must be mandated to recognize this as the disease that it is and has pledged to work to increase access to medications to help overcome addiction. He also has called for increase access and funding for treatment and prevention programs.

Increasing Access to Quality, Affordable Healthcare

Families and communities across the state continue to grapple with the rising costs of healthcare, forcing many to make impossible decisions when it comes to supporting the daily needs of their family and being able to afford healthcare coverage. Merolli will work to move Massachusetts forward to a healthcare system which keeps costs down, like a single-payer system, which will not only help control costs but will increase access to quality healthcare for those in need.

Supporting Working Families

Wage theft has become a $700 million problem in Massachusetts and Merolli has pledged to work to fight this to ensure the hardworking men and women of the Commonwealth receive fair compensation for a day’s work. Tom is also a strong supporter of paid family and medical leave for working families.

“It’s unfortunate that instead of focusing on the key issues impacting the district, Senator Ryan Fattman is spending his time on a media blitz regarding his efforts to force local police departments to implement federal immigration law,” said Merolli. “Make no mistake about it: I believe that when a person, immigrant or citizen, commits a heinous crime they should be punished to the fullest extent of the law. We need solutions for the immigration issue. However, Senator Fattman’s actions and rhetoric do not provide any concrete solutions.”

“I’ve spoken directly with members from local police departments about this issue and they say they would rather use their local resources to address local issues impacting our communities, like the opioid epidemic,” continued Merolli. “The residents of the district deserve a Senator focused on the pressing issues of our region instead of one more focused on inserting himself into a contentious national debate.”

Merolli currently serves as the Assistant Treasurer of the Town of Mendon and as the Chair of Mendon’s Economic Development Committee. He holds a degree in political science from Westfield State University, a local college, and is proud to have been an Eagle Scout.