The Committee to Elect Tom Merolli for State Senator

To represent the Worcester & Norfolk district, the south central tier of Massachusetts towns.

My name is Tom Merolli and I am Mendon’s Assistant Treasurer and Economic Development Chair and am a lifelong resident of this district. I grew up in Mendon, my first job was in Millville, I went to elementary school in Uxbridge, and I spent my summers at Douglas State Forest. I know and love this area very much.

I’m an Eagle Scout, and that’s taught me to take a civic-minded approach to everything I do. I was raised in a very Catholic household, and that taught me that we are all our brother’s keeper. I’ve been working on the grassroots level organizing to make our local area a better place for a very long time now. I was the assistant director of a non-profit fundraising office in Boston, which ran a successful fundraising campaign for the ACLU funding the successful court case that found same sex marriage to be the law of the land. I helped organize alumni for a successful school override vote, and was on the committee that helped pass a successful historic district in Mendon. It is with all this in mind that I can say this: we currently do not have good representation on Beacon Hill.

We have a state senator that voted against protecting workers from wage theft, voted against civil rights protections for transgender people, and has even gone so far as to say that undocumented women who are raped should be afraid to come forward to the police, when asked. At some point it needs to be asked whose agenda is he representing? It certainly isn’t that of the people of his district.

I’d like to bring the people of this district back to the forefront. We have many issues facing us; a school funding formula that hasn’t been updated since 1993, towns in our district that have issues getting clean water, and an opioid crisis which has been growing on our very doorstep. I see so much untapped potential in this district and truly believe we can make it thrive. The industrial revolution started here, and abolition thrived here. It is time for a rebirth. I believe politics is the best venue to bring about our dreams of a better world, and if you do too, you have arrived at the right place.

Tom Merolli

Who is Tom Merolli?

Tom Morelli

Tom Merolli is the 2018 Democratic candidate for Massachusetts Senate in the Worcester & Norfolk district. The district includes 14 towns along the south central border of the state.

He currently serves as Assistant Treasurer of Mendon and Chair of their Economic Development Committee. Tom holds a degree in political science from Westfield State University, a local college, and is proud to have been an Eagle Scout.

What is Tom aiming to accomplish? He sums it up like this: “I’m a young person who has been active in community affairs from an early age. I see the ways in which the interests of the people in my district have been overlooked and ignored for far too long.”